R2P UN Photo/ Sylvain Liechti
4. september 2020

Fælles nordisk webinar: Responsibility to Protect + 15

The United Nations Associations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden cordially invite you to attend a Zoom webinar celebrating the 15th anniversary of the R2P principle.

At the UN World Summit in 2005 world leaders agreed on principles for preventing and ending atrocity crimes. They also agreed that governments have a responsibility to protect populations from such crimes.

During the webinar we will celebrate this landmark achievement and ask how the principle is doing at the age of 15. Have we ended atrocity crimes? What needs to be done to fulfil the promise of “never again” from 2005? What must governments do to better support the R2P ideals?

Headline speakers at the webinar are:

  • Dr Karen Smith, UN Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect
  • Jan Eliasson, UNGA President at the time of adoption of the R2P principles

Hosts of the event are:

  • Annelie Börjesson, President, UNA Sweden,
  • Torleif Jonasson, Secretary General, UNA Denmark and
  • Anne Cathrine Uteng da Silva, Secretary General, UNA Norway

The discussion will be facilitated by Jens Petersson, Senior Adviser, UNA Sweden,

Time, place and registration:

Tuesday, 15th September, 15:00 hrs CET to 16:30.

The meeting will take place via Zoom video conferencing. Submit your registration at https://fn.se/engagera-dig/kalender/r2p/

For information and questions please contact:  Jens Petersson, UNA Sweden, +46-70-770 25 82, jens.petersson@fn.se

UN Photo/ Sylvain Liechti