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Mogens Lykketoft 70

Mogens Lykketoft _UNphoto_Cia Pak_ 648090_Conclusion of 70th General Debate of GA

UNphoto/Cia Pak

Multilateralism embodied, whose international career started 55 years ago when walking into the offices of the Danish United Nations Association. Just after UNs 70th Anniversary and the day before the anniversary of the first session of the General Assembly: President of United Nations General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft turns 70 - as he reminded us in his acceptance speech:


"Allow me to thank the Assembly for having entrusted me and - for the first time - my country with presiding over its seventieth session. I will turn 70 myself during the seventieth session.

As a teenager 55 years ago, I walked into the offices of the United Nations Association in Copenhagen to collect information about the workings of the United Nations. Back then, I sincerely hoped that therein lay the framework in which rationality and humanity would prevail that would make disarmament agreements possible that could finally bring the major Powers to cooperate for a better future for the whole human race that could assist peoples in attaining self-government and independence and, without racial prejudice, could protect the rights of minorities, vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women, children, the displaced, people with disabilities and indigenous peoples.

Today, that hope and those objectives remain as relevant as ever. We will celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations throughout the session. I aim to organize our work in a way that allows us to reflect on the successes, as well as the shortcomings, in these first 70 years, while also looking to the future. The theme of my term as President will therefore be "The United Nations at 70 - a new commitment to action"."


Commited to action he is and it is a commitment the World desperately needs!


We wish you a happy birthday and the best of luck in your work to create a better World.


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